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With School Management System;

Prospering students, happy parents..

Increase your prestige

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With Our Mobil Solutions

Speed up your business

Lower your cost

Our mobile applications reduce your costs and speed up your business. Mir Software offers digital solutions and custom software for your brand to meet all your needs. We offer you a complete system of quality management and innovative sales channels on the internet. Please contact us to get the best solution for your brand.

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Mobile Applications and Software

Design and software is compatible with all mobile devices. We will transform the applications of your project and install the necessary software if requested.

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Program package

We offer professional solutions for a wide range of sectors with program package that has been developed by our programmers.

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Custom Software

We use innovative technologies for our clients. We improve the quality of management by producing special software for your brand.

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Project Development

Whatever the idea comes to your mind Mir software will make it real. You will get the ready-to-use project with activation key and technical support.

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E-Commerce Software

We introduce you to the world famous OpenCart e-commerce package which offers endless sales channels at affordable prices.

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Our e-commerce websites will help you in many areas, such as education, cosmetics, products for children and many other.

Online Management School Management System

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Program Features

  • Responsive (PC, Mobile and Tablet Compatible)
  • Administrator, teacher, students and parents login.
  • Private Messages, Email and SMS.
  • Announcements, Events and Calendar Support.
  • Online Exam Preparation and Solutions
  • Daily Student Report
  • Payment reminder system
  • Instant Non Attendance Report
  • Online access from anywhere
  • 256-bit SSL Support

eLLC System

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This is a complete education system for all eLLC Foreign language education institutions (schools, courses, language courses). The eLLC system offers to schools and teachers the program of foreign language education with interactive exercises related to the subjects presented in a lesson and application installed on mobile devices or computers for the students. All the exercises related to the topic in the lesson and all the test results by students are stored in the database which can be reached through Internet or local network. School management and teachers have access to the database from Internet or local network. Therefore they can follow students' test results in real time and have information about education progress as well as students’ understanding of the subject.

eLLC system is offered for English, German, French and other languages, which makes a total of 20 languages. All the available languages can be found in our catalogue.

For further information please review our catalog or call our hotline Phone: +90 541 261 66 89 for a detailed presentation.

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